Sunday, January 3, 2010

The rantings of Terrance

Well, after hanging out for a little while, I suppose, I'm still feeling pretty unimportant in the field of gaining... Maybe it's because it seems like I'm the only skinny gainer in the world, or most especially, in the KC area... Pehaps it's because I don't have a gut, that suddenly I'm not really all that important to view, or comment to...

I try going into various chats, only to see the person(s) that come on, perhaps to decide that I'm not interesting, and just leave, without a simple hello... How's your day going? Getting enough to eat, aspiring gainer?

It's kinda the opposite when it comes to Yahoo chat... I almost always find the horn-dogs, that don't give my feelings the time of day... Which is a pity, since a number of those guys are actually quite nice, when they aren't so obsessed with seeing you naked....

Is there any reason for people to just ignore everything that I've tried so far to improve? Like how well I draw, or how much I've done in gaining weight, or anything at all, about me? Or am I just as invisible to the world as air?

Anyways, I just felt like getting that off my chest. I might not be one to share my pictures of my gaining exploits that often, but I'm still here, existing, and wishing for someone, anyone to talk to... Perhaps I'm just here to help people with their feelings, destined to be ignored in the otherwise sense. Erf... Well if you actually got to this sentence, I thank you for reading this... *hugs*

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